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Our company Wanshen took the lead in reseraching to develop and introduce domestically advanced Wanshen bubble card board box packaging machines, filling a gap in China and obtaining a patent certificate from the state. It also developed five series of packaging multi-functional automatic packaging machines about HDZ-100 type, more than 40 specifications products on the base. Our products are in conformity with GMP. The machines apply to medicine, food, cosmetics, health products, electronic products, small light industrial products and have equipped a few hundreds of factories internal and external. Wanshen multi-functional automatic packaging machines are designated as "National new product" by the economic state, as "Project supported by National High-tech Industry Industrialization Promotion"by the State Planning Commission, as "Project supported by the fund for Technical Innovation" by the Ministry of Science & Technology. The company has been awarded the "Excellent Enterprise", "Provincial Private Technology Enterprise" and it is designated as "High-tech Product, High-tech Company" by Provincial Department of Science and Technology, "the development and production base of multi-functional packaging machine in Jiangxi Province" by Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and Packaging Association. The company has mature technical and development capability of packaging machinery. In additional to providing with the standard models for the customers, we can also design in accordance with project requirements and related equipment integration. We will take high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent services, innovative spirit to welcome friends from all circles.



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