Pharmaceutical labeling machine

  • Penicillin bottle labeling machine
Penicillin bottle labeling machine

Penicillin bottle labeling machine

Performance Features

1.It is suitable for vertical labeling of round bottles such as various vials, syrup bottles, etc. It is equipped with a CCD visual recognition system and a missing label detection and removal system.
2.Adopt turntable feeding method, which can be used manually or connected.
3.Using imported well-known brand servo motors, fast bidding speed, high precision and good stability.
4.The rubber wheel differential separation mechanism can be used for stepless speed regulation and separation into arbitrary intervals. There is no need to change specifications when changing products.
5.The wheel is attached to the bottle body, the label is firmly pasted, and the adjustment is quick and convenient.

Technical Parameters

Model S-400
Labeling Speed 0- 400bottles/minute

Label Length


Power Supply 380V/50HZ
Total Power 2.0KW
Machine Size


Compressed Air Pressure


Labeling Precision +/-0.5mm
Weight 280KG

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