Pharmaceutical labeling machine

  • High Speed Vial Labeling Machine
High Speed Vial Labeling Machine

High Speed Vial Labeling Machine

Performance Features

1. Suitable for vertical labeling of round bottles such as various vials.
2. Adopt turntable feeding method, which can be used manually or connected.
3. Use imported well-known flat-pattern servo motor, with fast bidding speed, high precision and good stability.
4. The high-speed sponge wheel is attached with a rolling and sticking mechanism, which has good cushioning and abrasion resistance.
5. Rotary star plate positioning mechanism, accurate positioning, high labeling accuracy, labeling accuracy ±0.5mm.
6. Fast labeling speed, up to 600 bottles per minute for vials within Φ30mm, leading the equipment in the same industry.

Technical Parameters

Model S-600
Labeling Speed 0- 600bottles/minute

Label Length


Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Total Power 2.0KW
Machine Size


Compressed Air Pressure


Labeling Precision +/-0.5mm
Weight 400KG



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