Pharmaceutical labeling machine

  • High-speed rotary ampoule labeling machine
High-speed rotary ampoule labeling machine

High-speed rotary ampoule labeling machine

Performance Features

1.This equipment is used for vertical labeling of round bottles.
2.The labeling host head is a three-stage labeling system, which is divided into label supply, label pull and bottom paper recovery systems. Each system has a separate motor control to ensure the fast and stable label supply, as well as the speed and accuracy of labeling. .
3.Use the vertical horizontal direction to feed the bottle, the feeding is stable, and the operation is convenient.
4.When the number of bottles on the feeding conveyor belt is less than a certain amount, the machine can automatically reduce the labeling speed.
5.The screw is used to realize the bottle separation, and the same power is used with the astrolabe mechanism to realize synchronous operation. The action is accurate and correct, and the phenomenon of bottle jamming and broken bottles will not occur, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.
6.The wheel-attached rolling bottle body makes the label attachment stronger.
7.The touch-sensitive man-machine operation interface can display abnormalities on the man-machine interface and guide the troubleshooting. The operation is simple, and anyone can quickly use the device. There are 50 groups of memory functions (including the bottle diameter and labeling length and other parameters). When changing products of different specifications, there is no need to reset it, and it can be called directly, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model S-750
Labeling Speed 0- 700bottles/minute

Label Length


Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Total Power 1.5KW
Machine Size


Compressed Air Pressure


Labeling Precision +/-0.5mm
Weight 500KG



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