Automatic Oil Bottle Carton Packer for our Dubai customer

Automatic Oil Bottle Carton Packer for our Dubai customer

Our his customer is from Dubai who required for automatic oil bottle carton packer machine, he has 5 different size bottles in total, 750ml, 1L, 1.8L, 3L and 5L, and there are in different shape also, 750ml bottle is flat, 1L plastic bottle is round, 1.8L and 3L bottles are flat with handle, 5L plastic bottle is square, and the sizes are as below

750ml bottle:  L 89 * W 51 * H 257mm with neck diameter 32mm

1L bottle: W 75 * H 275mm with neck diameter 30mm

1.8L bottle: L 143 * W 79 * H 296mm with neck diameter 38mm

3L bottle: L 167 * W 94 * H 345mm with neck diameter 45mm

5L bottle: W 147 * H 325mm with neck diameter 45mm

he require capacity 2500 bottles per hour, as per customer requirements, we recommend wrap around carton packer for application, which all these bottles can be used on the same machine by change the spare parts is ok.

According to customer's initial idea is hoping for the pick and place type case packer, but the flat bottle is too small, that there's no fixture can workable for grabbing, as for pick and place type, there size limitation for bottle sizes for choosing the applicable grabbing fixture.



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