Robotic Carton Packer for Bags

Robotic Carton Packer for Bags

This customer is from our local, who is looking for the automatic robotic case packer machine for their bags, the material inside the bag is powder, and requiring our case packer should be connecting with their bag packing machine for auto production line.

We checked the bag, as bag is different from bottles and cans, which is soft and easy to deform once there's some pressure on it, that can't use the traditional mechanical type case packer, adopt robot for packing is the ideal solution. And we checked their packing machine capacity 50 bags/min, 20 bags per carton, not fast speed, we choose Japan brand robot for application which is totally enough and also more economical.

And according to customer's requirements, our engineer also made the layout accordingly for customer's checking.

So if you have the bags want to be packed into carton, welcome to contact us, we'll design and offer you the most ideal proposal.



Contact: Ms April

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Email: wanshenpacking@gmail.com

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