Horizontal Blister Cartoning Machine for Italy Customer

Horizontal Blister Cartoning Machine for Italy Customer

Our Italy is  looking for horizontal cartoning machine able to pack blister with dimensions’ mm. 100 x 160 x 30 H, blister size is 94*150*12(2layers), from1-2 blister go inside the carton. Leaflet to be inserted, leaflet dimensions 35*150(6bends) All carton are tuck-in flaps alternated. and speed is 20-25cartons per minute. according to confirmed requirements, we make drawing and quotation HDZ-100B cartoning machine for our customer, after he checked all details, he got purchase order from their customer, and also arrange purchase order of cartoning machine to us, he said you really reply me all question very fast, thats why i can get order so quickly.

thanks for your order!



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