Cartoning Machine

  • Automatic Cling Film Cartoning Machine
Automatic Cling Film Cartoning Machine

Automatic Cling Film Cartoning Machine

  • HDZL-220
  • preservative film cartoning machine
  • plastic wrap cartoning machine

the equipment is mainly used for high speed automatic cartoning of plates, pillow packages, tubes, liquid injections and bottles

Performance Features

1. It adopts PLC, variable frequency automatic control system

2. It adopts human machine interface operating system, which show cartoning speed automatically, quantity, faulty causes and other performance parameters, also display operation and maintenance methods.

3. Multi box size can be used in one cartoning machine.

4. Manual and automatic operation switching functions.

5. It can equip with hot melt glue machine.

6. Through dial adjustment, user-friendly mechanical memory device and simple calibration, it can realize fast product size replacement

Technical Parameters

Model HDZL-220  Cartoning Speed 160-200cartons/minute
Carton Box Specification L50-200*W18-80*H15-60mm
Manual Instructions Specification 110-180*90-250mm
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Total Power 3.7KW
Cartoning Machine Dimension L3800*W1200*H1500mm
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6Mpa
Compressed Air Consumption 6m3/h
Weight 2200KG
Option Hot melt glue machine

Reminder: if carton specification exceeds our standard machine range, our company can customize according to your size. the package product type, quantity and the packaging materials will determine cartoning speed

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