Cartoning Machine

  • Automatic Bulb Lamps Light Cartoning Machine
Automatic Bulb Lamps Light Cartoning Machine

Automatic Bulb Lamps Light Cartoning Machine

Performance Features

1. It adopt full open type patent technology, which is more convenient to carry out adjustment and maintenance

2. New design cartoning machine small size, light weight, wide application and high efficiency production.

3. It can connect with labeling machine, pillow packing machine.

4. It also can connect with fold wrapping machine, shrink wrapping machine, case packer machine and other packing machine.

5. it is easy to operate and maintenance.


1. Material conveying system 

2. Transmission system 

3. Box taking and opening system

4. Material feeding system 

5. Carton conveying and sealing system 

6. Embossed lettering system (option)

7. Finished product delivery system 

8. Protection cover

Technical Parameters

Model HDZ-120A
Cartoning Speed 80-120cartons/minute

Carton Box Specification


Manual Instruction Specification 110-180mm*90-280mm
Power Supply 380V/50HZ
Total Power 2.1KW
Machine Size


Compressed Air Pressure


Compressed Air Consumption 30-90L/min
Weight 1500KG

Reminder: if carton specification exceeds our standard machine range, our company can customize according to your size. the package product type, quantity and the packaging materials will determine cartoning speed

Machine Details



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