Cartoning Machine

  • Automatic Condom Cartoning Machine
Automatic Condom Cartoning Machine

Automatic Condom Cartoning Machine

Performance Features

1. It is provided with automatic detection system, and the function of positioning, stopping and online sub-quality product elimination

2. It adopts human machine interface operating system, which show cartoning speed automatically, quantity, faulty causes and other performance parameters, also display operation and maintenance methods.

3. Multi box size can be used in one cartoning machine.

4. Three rows of batch numbers can be printed on medicine box or other kinds of box synchronously.

5. It can equip with hot melt glue machine.

Technical Parameters

Model HDZ-100B
Cartoning Speed 60-100cartons/minute
Carton Specification L65-110*W45-90*H12-55mm
User Instruction Specification 110-180mm*90-280mm
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total Power 1.1KW
Equipment Dimension L1150*W1120*1550mm
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6Mpa
Compressed Air Consumption 30-90L/min

Reminder: if carton specification exceeds our standard machine range, our company can customize according to your size. the package product type, quantity and the packaging materials will determine cartoning speed

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