Cartoning Machine

  • Full Servo System Automatic Cartoning Machine
Full Servo System Automatic Cartoning Machine

Full Servo System Automatic Cartoning Machine

Performance Features

1. Full interface intelligent touch interactive system, intelligent parameter setting and convenient operation.

2. The whole cartoning machine adopts open design, which is convenient to monitor running status and machine maintenace.

3. Germany Beckhoff servo drive system and control system to complete complex and precise movement.

4. The main electric components are all original international top brand with stable performance

5. The stick packs can be stacked to realize multi-layer cartoning

Technical Parameters

Model ICM1204-S
Cartoning Speed less than 120cartons/minute

Carton Box Specification


Power Supply 380V/50HZ
Total Power 6KW
Machine Size


Compressed Air Pressure


Compressed Air Consumption 30-90L/min
Weight 2500KG

Reminder: if carton specification exceeds our standard machine range, our company can customize according to your size. the package product type, quantity and the packaging materials will determine cartoning speed

Alternative Device

Carton automatic coding system

Automatic Folding leaflet system

Hot melt adhesive sealing system

Bar code detection system

Rejection system
Machine Details

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