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  • Wrap Around Carton Machine
Wrap Around Carton Machine

Wrap Around Carton Machine

Performance Features

1. Conveyor system: the product will be divided and inspected on this conveyor.
2. Automatic cardboard supplying system: This equipment is installed in the side of the main machine, which stores the carton cardboards, the vacuumed sucking disk will in-draft the cardboard into the guide slot, and then the belt will transport the cardboard into the main machine.
3. Automatic bottle dropping system: This system separates the bottles in carton unit automatically, and then drops the bottles automatically.
4. Cardboard folding mechanism: the servo driver of this mechanism will drive the chain to fold the cardboard step by step.
5. Lateral carton pressing mechanism: the lateral cardboard of carton be pressed by this mechanism to form the shape.
6. Top carton pressing mechanism: The cylinder presses the up cardboard of the carton after glueing. It is adjustable, so that it can suitable for different size of carton
7. Case wraparound machine adopt Siemens PLC to control the complete system of the machine.

Technical Parameter

Model GB-35
Capacity 20-35cartons/minute
Air Consumption 150NL/min
Production Efficiency more than 98%
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3phrase
Air Pressure 4-5kg/cm2
Power 7KW
Machine Dimension L5300*W2500*H1600mm

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