Aluminum tube automatic cartoning machine

Aluminum tube automatic cartoning machine

This is a pharmaceutical company demands for our mode HDZ-100G automatic cartoning machine for their tubes packing, and requiring machine marks lot number and expiration date on the carton.

There are 10 sizes boxes in total, Min. box L 90 * W 30 * H 20mm, and Max. box L 190 * W 75 * H 35mm, packing capacity needed 60 boxes/min 

On demands, our HDZ-100G model workable, and the standard printing way included in machine is steel seal way which as below showing 

And we offered this printing way and inkjet printing way to customer, after some discussion, they choose inkjet printing as final, and the printing area on box side 

For HDZ-100G cartoning machine, machine with safety cover for reference below 

Performance features of the machine 

  1. It adopts variable frequency speed control and PLC automatic control system
  2. It adopts the human-machine interface operating system, which automatically displays the cartoning speed, quantity and other performance parameters, and also display fault causes and operation and maintenance methods
  3. The adjustment and use of various specifications within the stipulated range can be realized in one machine 
  4. It is provided with manual and automatic switching functions
  5. The use instructions folding and cartoning functions can be completed synchronously
  6. Three rows of batch numbers can be printed on the medicine box synchronously, and the function of printing the serial number can be added
  7. It is provided with the automatic detection system, and the function of positioning, stopping and online elimination is provided for nonconforming products
  8. It is provided with the function of no sucking of use instructions and no sucking of cartons in case of material shortage
  9. It adopts the synchronous servo system for synchronous feeding



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