Automatic toothpaste tube cartoning machine

Automatic toothpaste tube cartoning machine

This customer from Europe, mainly for beauty products, and demand for an automatic packing machine for toothpaste tube packing, according to below requirements:

Product: Plastic toothpaste tube

Tube size: Diameter 40mm * height 75mm

Box size: 191mm * 52mm * 42mm

Capacity/min needed: 50 tubes/min

Toothpaste tube and box photo as below showing

As per these requirements, our HDZ-100B model workable, machine as below for reference

Machine standard features
● Touch Screen HMI controls
● PLC programme1
● Japan Omron electric parts (inverter, PLC, touch screen)
● Germany sick photocell
● Various size are available in machine within machine size range
● Without product, carton will be not sucked down
● Auto display trouble, alarm and count finished product
● Overload protection

And machine details for a reference

Carton box loader :

Germany SICK photocell sensor:

Korea LG double suck device:

Delivery belt:

Fill product into carton:

Carton close:



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