Baby cake carton packing machine

Baby cake carton packing machine

This from India demand, requiring automatic carton packing machine for their baby cake products packing, they have 4 types cakes which are 15gm, 50gm, 100gm and 200gm, and the cake dimensions as below showing

15gm--(L * W * H) 40*23*12mm

50gm--(L * W * H) 62*35*20mm

100gm--(L * W * H) 80*45*25mm

200gm--(L * W * H) 95*60*26mm

And corresponding carton size for each baby cake packing

15gm--(L * W * H) 54-56*37-39*16-18mm

50gm--(L * W * H) 76-78*49-51*24-26mm

100gm--(L * W * H) 94-96*59-61*29-31mm

200gm--(L * W * H) 109-111*74-76*29-31mm

Packing arrangement by 10pcs/pack, and speed required 50 packs/min, machine for used alone

Baby cake for reference

As per photo above, sealing way can see is hot glue sealing, we have Nordson and Robotech etc hot glue machine for choice, below is the machine we offered to this customer



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