Automatic capped bottle box packing machine

Automatic capped bottle box packing machine

Poland required customer this is, requiring for auto box packing machine for their bottles packing, their bottle is ready filled and capped firstly and then packed into box.

1. Capped bottle dimenssions Dia. 46,1 mm * 110(111) mm

    Closed box dimension: hight 115mm x width 50 mm

2. Three bottles 20ml, 30ml, 50ml

    Capped bottels

   -20ml di.28,6 mm * 76,5 mm
   -30ml di.32,5 mm * 84,3 mm
   -50ml di.35,4 mm * 125 mm

    Box hight 130mm x width 40mm

Speed requirement: 50-60 boxes/min

And box sealing way by tongue inserting way

Box photos as below:

And machine we offered



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