How to make maintenance for wanshen box packing machine

How to make maintenance for wanshen box packing machine

Our company is constantly expanding, not only domestic customer, also foreign customer keep long term cooperate relations with us, but many customer didnt have a good understanding of our box packing machine daily maintenance knowledge.

so we would like to introduce normal application and maintenance of our box packing machine.

1.When start machine, it need to add oil first. twice a day, 5-6drops each time. leaflet device bearing should add oil once a month, tongue guide sliding parts add oil once a week.

2. There should be no foreign matter or pollution in main motor. the outside shell should be kept clean, the colling fan shluld be well maintained.

3.There should be no foreign matter or pollution on the detection surface of photoelectric switch and proximity switch. The detection distance should be adjusted properly. The bracket should be kept tight and not loose, so as to avoid damage when the machine is running.

4. Electrical components must be kept clean and heat dissipation is good.

5.It must be noted that the inverter should not be touched for 5 minutes after the power is cut off, because it will have a relatively high residual voltage, which will be released after several minutes
6. After finish one day work, should do a good job of cleaning, with a brush to remove all unclean things, check whether the power has been turned off



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