Medicine Cartoner Machine Main Features

Medicine Cartoner Machine Main Features

Compared with other cartoning machines, the medicinal cartoning machine has special points:

(1) Insert the drug product specification
(2) The paper box should be randomly printed with the date of manufacture, product batch number, expiration date, etc. (such as the supervision code for special drugs)
(3) Counting statistics of the boxing (should comply with the counting and issuance requirements in Section 4703 of the GMP Certification Inspection and Evaluation Standard)
(4) Check the quality of the inner packaging drugs

(5) Can adapt to the requirements of batch/time changing. For other purpose cartoners, these special points do not need to be fully achieved.

Medicinal Cartoning Machine Classification

1. according to feeding way to carton, it can be divided into horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine. if product is pushed horizontally into carton, it called horizontal type cartoner machine; if product is pushed vertically into carton, it called vertical type cartoner machine.

2. according to packaged product shape, it can be divided into plate shape(blister package cartoner machine), bottle cartoner machine, soft tube cartoner machine, bag type cartoner machine, etc.

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