Wanshen bring cartoning machine to Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition

Wanshen bring cartoning machine to Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition

Introduction for exposition:China Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition, organized by China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment and co-organized by the municipal government of the city where the exhibition is held, holds twice a year. It has been successfully held for over 57 times. With 29 years of contributing to the China pharmaceutical industry, CIPM has firmly established itself as the largest show for pharmaceutical manufacturing in China.

We take three whole set of cartoning machine: high speed bottle cartoning machine 300bottle per minute, strip pack cartoning machine, double blister caroner machine.  a lot of customers show big interests for our wanshen cartoning machine.

Now we are looking for all country agent. if you have interests, pls send email to wanshenpacking@gmail.com  or make phone call to 86 15021555215



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